• Amanda Nicole

Winky Lux: A Glitter Filled New Flagship

After a few years of traveling around the US with glitter filled pop-ups, Winky Lux has settled down with a permanent flagship store in the Lower East Side. Earlier this month we attended their grand opening, celebrating all of their fabulous products, multiple photo opportunities and even more knowledgeable staff. Pinks of all hues, soft golds and neon adorn every inch of this place making it eye catching and perfect to post all over Instagram!

The launch event was filled with magazine editors, fashion bloggers and friends of the brand, who spent the night bouncing from photo opp to photo opp or dancing to beats by DJ Ryan Vandal. The Winky Lux flower wall is a staple at any of their events and always the perfect photo opp for guests to use. My personal favorite was the the silver reflective and mirrored room, which made taking the perfect selfie super fun. One other photo opportunity that is a must do, is the led light tunnel. Overall the added glitter, for throwing into the air made it all more exciting. Babe Wines and Makku rice “beers” kept guests supplied with drinks with some delicious Lebanese cuisine supplied by Yara, a Lebanese hot spot located in Midtown.

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