• Amanda Nicole

Maybelline House

Every New York Fashion Week brands of all types will concoct elaborate and extravagant pop-ups reminding people they are still relevant. This year Maybelline created a house like set up that held multiple rooms with a bunch of activation's to participate in. I wouldn't say they were all successful, I'm talking to you lipstick lady that rushed us!, but in the end I had a great time. Tickets were free and situated for two hour time slots which was more then enough time to make it through everything we wanted to do.

These pop-up experiences are usually chuck-full with endless photo opportunities. If everything is Instagramable it is considered a success! This was immediately obvious walking up to Maybelline House as the outside was graffitied into a modern pink pop art-ish storefront that celebrated New York City with artwork of the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building. When the sun popped out from behind the clouds it made the most amazing photo backdrop that my friends took advantage of.

Exterior of Maybelline House.

I had to be most excited by the first photo activation you walked up to when entering. Everyone attending was able to make a short video that was pieced together to seem like you are a bad-ass graffiting the back streets of the city. It was definitely fun watching everyone make it their own, personalities were shown through quite a bit while creating these. It came out extremely professional looking and ready to be posted immediately.

Just one cheesy photo of us before our fashion photo shoot begun.

Other photo opps could have been taken through the pop-up in different styled sections. These included a large clock made out of Maybelline Fit Me Foundations, fabric swings hanging from the ceiling in different flesh tones, multiple different photo backdrop walls and even a bed decked out in a ton of pillows and moody blue drapes. One of the brands reps must have been sick of us hogging the bed taking a ton of photos that he told us to follow him to a door labeled "Private - Staff Only" manned by one tall intimidating security guard. The door swung open to show the coolest fake subway set up in Maybelline style. We were told that it was where they were conducting interviews for VIP's and he wanted us to take as many photos as we would like. Definitely made us feel special.

Besides the photo opportunities Maybelline House also featured a few different products that you could sample. They had temporary tattoos being drawn with their Tattoo Liner, winged eyeliner being applied and women dressed like chemists pretending to personally mix lipsticks like they were in a lab. It was written in the event details that we would be able to create a custom mixed lipstick but that didn't seem to actually be happening. Bluestone Coffee also hooked us up with your choice of a regular, tumeric or matcha latte to enjoy while walking around. As a matcha obsessed drinker this was the perfect time to indulge myself.

Everyone in attendance was able to leave with a lip product of their choosing, I went with a Super Stay Ink Crayon in Lead the Way it's a very pretty dusty pink/mauve. You were also able to take a 'which Mini Palette are you?' quiz which told you which eyeshadow mini palette you could take home to play around with. I went into the quiz knowing which palette I wanted so I might have picked my answers with a specific outcome in mind. That's not cheating, right??

The City Mini Palette in Blushed Avenue.

I have to give Maybelline credit for how perfectly designed everything was. Every corner was picture perfect, as you can see if you search #maybellinehouse on IG. I would have liked a few less people in the space, it was extremely packed even with the different ticket times. Not perfect for taking 50+ photos, but easily worked around. Besides that, I had a great time with even better people. Can't wait to see where Maybelline pops up next.